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Welcome. I've been dead for a bit and came back only to discover the world has changed in ways I've never thought possible. I can't get a hold of Jack. I don't even think he's on Earth anymore. I guess I'll have to figure out what to do until I find him. Fantastic.
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Archives: File #00003

Subject: Excelsior Lever brand stopwatch

Classification: Office supply. (Note: Though it may not seem like much, it’s a very important part of Torchwood.- I.J)


Added Information from Ianto Jones:

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Janto with lots of colour.This is my way of wishing you a happy Valentine’s day, and perhaps a way to make up for some of the feels my last Ianto painting caused me. Or make it worse.


Janto with lots of colour.
This is my way of wishing you a happy Valentine’s day, and perhaps a way to make up for some of the feels my last Ianto painting caused me. Or make it worse.


Sir, your coffee by ~SirLemoncurd


Sir, your coffee by ~SirLemoncurd

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Song: Love Runs Out
Artist: OneRepublic
Album: Native
Plays: 501

Love Runs Out by OneRepublic (x)


Part of Jack’s World

Look at Jack’s coat, isn’t it clean?
Sewn up and polished ‘til the buttons gleam
Looking so closely he’ll preen
"Yeah, you fixed everything!"

Yet I look at this coat, with stories untold
How many secrets does this fabric hold?
Look a bit closer, I’ll think
No… didn’t fix everything.

I’ve got needles and thread types a plenty.
I’ve got buttons, they’re King’s Crown, and more
You want certain stitch types?
I know plenty.

But who cares?
It’s no big deal
When Jack hides more

I want to see what no other sees
I want to be the one standing beside him
Helping him when he meets with those…
What were they called? Oh, Ood.

Out on the field, I didn’t get too far
I dealt with some humans who were killing, maiming
Tying me up while calling me…
Do I dare say it?

But if that’s where Jack is, that’s where I’ll be
I’ll learn to fight and be strong and he’ll see
That I can be, perhaps if I plead,
Part of his world

What could I do, got something to prove
something to show him
What can I say, so that he’ll stay
and not run like mad?

If a discussion were planned, would he understand?
Or would he think that I’m just like the others?
Other lovers, who soon discover
He’s just a man

Though I already know what those others don’t
I asked all the questions
And searched for answers
Still don’t know about that TARDIS
And why it reacts to a…

Could it be true- I’m in love?
It’s the only thing that I can think of
For wanting to plea, that I could be
Part of his world


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In My Name \ Looksgoodinsuits


“Tosh, Gwen, you deal with the victim. Owen, Allow this Ianto to get into the SUV” Jack commanded the group, the team moving to there respected areas. Jack watched carefully as the lookalike of his lover slipped into the SUV, Owen following in suit. Jack slipped into the drivers seat trusting Gwen to deal with the situation, glad to see her already on her mobile doing so.

The drive was quiet and tense, Owens fingers still poised on his stun gun as he sat beside this not Ianto, Ianto, thought it was Jack’s silence and white knuckled grip on steering wheel. Soon enough they arrived in the garage of the hub, Jack parking the car with ease before the group filed out.

Jack produced a black bag from the car before stepping up to the fake Ianto. “Procedure, as you know.” He offered, knowing the other would know they always kept the base a secret and would have the male bound up to bring him into the cages. “Well forgo the cuffs if you behave.” He offered, though there was no hint of humor in his tone, or his deadpan expression.


When permission is given, Ianto simply strolls to the SUV and slips into the center seat in the back. It almost seems completely normal; like any other Torchwood mission. But this wasn’t his Torchwood and he was the one causing the problems. Again. Though, to be honest, if they had simply tracked him down earlier than that woman would have probably ended up alive…. It wasn’t really his fault. It was a bonus that he nor Adam… A frown turned down the corners of his lips as he corrected his mind. It was a bonus that he and he alone didn’t have to deal with the clean-up of the victim. There. That was better. There was no Adam whispering words of encouragement, he just had to remember that.

After buckling up, he interlocked his fingers and set his hands in his lap as he waits patiently for the rest of the group to pile back into the SUV. Would the other Ianto be waiting? He did want to have a private conversation with this world’s version of himself. It was one reason he was hoping to be found by Torchwood. And he had to make them work for it, of course. Why make it easy when nothing had been easy for him?

His musings are interrupted when the doors open and the team slides in. He ends up between Owen and Tosh, one of which has a gun and the other who is doing her best to avoid touching him. He ducks his head at that, trying to hide a smile as Jack starts the SUV and starts towards the Hub. It’s tempting to taunt them with sharp words but he instead says nothing. It wasn’t the time. He had already made a statement and his expectations, so far, had been met.

Soon enough the SUV pulls into the tunneled garage and Owen steps out, giving him room to exit as well. So far the layout was exactly the same as his Hub’s parking area… which was a bit unnerving if he considered it. So he didn’t. Then Jack moves to stand in front of him and he focuses completely on those blue eyes.

A well-kept brow raised as his incredulous gaze shifted from Jack, to the bag, and back up to Jack. “You must be joking. I know more about that base than anyone with the exception of you. Don’t treat me like an invasive alien, Jack. It’s unattractive.” With that, he side-stepped Jack and made his way towards the entrance. “You do realize that if you keep treating me like an outsider and it’s only going to complicate things.” He added as he spared a glance over his shoulder. Once at the door, he doesn’t reach for the hand however, just turns to lean back against the wall beside it. He may know this place like the back of his hand, as he believes it’s identical to his own, but he knows enough to not push Jack too far. He’ll let the captain lead the way in.

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