Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw this parallel.

I would just like these four to meet. Ianto and Jenny would be the ‘servant’ arsekickers who make quips about their lovers while Jack and Vastra just bicker and try to one-up each other.

Archives: File #8223563

Subject: Torchwood India

Location: Delhi (Note: The headquarters was under the guise of a gentleman’s club by the name of the Royal Connaught Club. I’m surprised Jack didn’t think of it and use it for his Torchwood base later on - I.J)


                           -Eleanor, Duchess of Melrose -


The leader of Torchwood India and also a former lover of Jack Harkness (Note: Completely unsurprising and expected revelation but shall go into the file regardless. I should just make a list of all of Jack’s lovers that I can find out about and make note if they’ll destroy the world or not.- I.J)

                                     -George Gissing-


The strategist of the team and right hand man to the Duchess.

                                           -Mr. Das -


The Maitre d’ of the club during the night and agent during the day. He was killed when  (Note: Also the one who managed to get the upper hand on Gwen and I. Thanks to him, we ended up locked in the Time Store until Jack saved us. Of course, what kind of mission would it be if Jack didn’t have to save one of us?-I.J.)



He was an agent until the fall of the India branch. It was clear he escaped, but his current location is unknown.

History: This specific branch of Torchwood was set in place when the Raj took over India. By order of the Queen, the team formed was to claim every piece of alien technology and artifacts found in the new British territory.

The appointed leader was Eleanor, who was known simply as the Duchess. Under the guise of a shady gentleman’s club, this Torchwood branch succeeded in it’s given task of gathering anything other worldly. Then, on February 28th 1924, Jack Harkness arrived to shut the team down and move all the alien technology to Torchwood Three headquarters in Cardiff when it was realized that the Raj was disbanding and India would no longer fall under British rule.

Torchwood India wasn’t heard from again until 2009 when Torchwood 3 traced an alien energy field to the location of where the club was. A bit of sleuthing revealed that the Duchess and her team had discovered and used a Time Store device; which stopped the flow of time in the club. The device was powered by the futures of the patrons who came into the club-killing them. Unable to handle the order of disbanding, the team had instead used the Time Store to stop time while figuring out how to turn back time to 1924 to make everything the way it was until Jack shut them down- and to make it permanent.

An Eternal Golden Age Of The British Empire. (Note: Had to add a bit of dramatics to keep the interest of Jack. He gets bored easily.-I.J.)

Jack managed to thwart the Duchess’s plans and caused an explosion that ruptured the Time Store which caused everyone who had been within the building since 1924 to become frozen in time. It also signaled the end of Torchwood India.

(Note: This file is based on the audiobook ‘Golden Age’ by James Goss. Each faceclaim is actually the voice actor/actress of said character.)

This is the Commander General of the United Nations calling the Dalek Fleet. We surrender. Repeat, we surrender. Planet Earth surrenders.


Gwen: Out of all the shit we have seen, all the bloodshed, all the horror…You know what is worse than all that? I loved it

In My Name \ Looksgoodinsuits


Jack fired a warning shot besides the Welshman’s head. “Hands up. dont think I dont know what you are doing Mr. Jones” Jack growled anger in his eyes. He knew what the other was planning, he was Ianto afterall, and Jack knew all too well Ianto could get out of anything if he really wanted to.

“Here is how this is going to work. You are going to come back to the hub with us before you cause any more trouble. remove the vortex manipulator and tell us why you are here. You can either come quietly, or do things the hard way, and I dont mean the fun hard way” Jack gave a flirty grin, his mask falling for a moment to reveal just how much the sight before him bothered him. “so choose” He warned, his voice booming around the group in the ally, the teams guns at the ready, owen and tosh sporting tazers.


Azure eyes widened slightly as the bullet misses him by mere inches and imbeds itself into the garage door behind him. Jack… actually shot at him? The action is completely incomprehensible and for a long moment he can do nothing more than stare at the captain in front of him with disbelief apparent on his features.

Then he remembers this isn’t his Jack and the expression changes. Pale eyes darken with a hint of anger as Ianto registered the rest of the words aimed at him. “You’re not playing the game right, sir. I believe I stated that I would come with you willingly. You should try listening. And shooting at me was uncalled for. For that, I’m not removing the manipulator. That was a stipulation of the whole ‘coming along quietly’ part of our deal.”

Not even the playful flirting at the end of the Captain’s words can lessen his anger at this point. “You try to shoot me again, however, and we will have a problem, am I clear?” That said, he held up his hands in surrender. “I will warn you now. Don’t touch me. I can walk to the SUV just fine.” Sparing a look at Owen, he balanced on his left foot and poked the toe of his right into the side of the girl behind him. “You might want to clean this up.” It felt liberating to have another clean up after him for once.

Even if it was the body of a young woman.

(Source: ianto-jones-diary)

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Ianto-Jones-Diary turned 2 today!
Wow, I’ve been playing Ianto for two years! Doesn’t seem like it. Anyway, thank you to everyone following me, those I’ve roleplayed with, and those I talk to. You make being here so much fun!

All of you? Are awesome.

Ianto-Jones-Diary turned 2 today!

Wow, I’ve been playing Ianto for two years! Doesn’t seem like it. Anyway, thank you to everyone following me, those I’ve roleplayed with, and those I talk to. You make being here so much fun!


All of you? Are awesome.

In My Name \ Looksgoodinsuits


The team piled from the car, using it to keep the rift Ianto from running past them. “Freeze” Jack’s voice boomed around them, drawing his webley as he aimed it at his lovers look-a-like. “Hands where I can see them.” Jack ordered, his face in a mask showing he was not joking around. “Up against the wall, and drop the knife” He continued as the team slowly advanced, weapons drawn. Gwen and Owen flanked Jack while tosh hung back, monitoring the situation with what looked to be device to track rift data.


“You’re Ianto Jones right?” Jack asked, keeping a safe distance from the male until he complied. “How did you get to this timeline, you’re not meant to be here.” Jack questioned, wanting answers to why this evil Ianto was walking around in his city wearing his coat. It was then he noticed the Vortex manipulator on the welshmans wrist and it all clicked.

This Ianto had taken it from the other Jack in his own time and traveled here, but why. What was so wrong that Ianto had to resort from killing. He wasn’t like that. Ianto, his Ianto wasn’t like that. He knew nothing about this male before him other than the obvious from what he could see. He wanted to bring him in, lock him in the cages till he could get his answers.

Carefully, as to prevent ending up bullet ridden on the pavement, Ianto turns on the ball of his foot to face the approaching group. To his everlasting amusement, there was no sign of, well, himself. What would happen if he met himself since it had nothing to do with the time line and more to do with alternate reality? Now that was a thought that would be terrifying to think of if he wasn’t riding the endorphin release after a kill. He raised his hands slightly, showing they were empty but made no move towards the wall as commanded.

"I’d rather not. Now, Sir-" there’s a mocking, almost scolding, undertone to the formal title that he doesn’t try to hide. "-I’m curious to know what took you so long. I couldn’t have been that difficult to track down. And now…" he spared a knowing tilt of his head at the body behind his legs. "I’m afraid I had to pass the time waiting for you to show."

It’s easy to admit that it’s difficult to remember that this isn’t his Jack. Granted it’s a mirror image in almost every way… except one. Luckily it’s one that can keep him level and focused on his game. It’s those endless baby blue eyes. Though pretty, those eyes were not the eyes of his Jack. His Jack’s eyes were the gateway to eternal bliss. He could see everything and know exactly what Jack needed with just a glance. There was nothing his captain could hide from him.

But this Jack’s gaze held nothing but ice and contempt. No. This Jack didn’t even compare to his. Absently Ianto traced a finger along the navy coat he was draped in. He couldn’t go back.. all he could do was play the game.

"Yes. I’m Ianto Jones. And I can be wherever I wish to be. I believe you know how it’s possible." Folding his hands behind his back, he resumes the stance he’s seen Jack take numerous times before. Squared shoulders, unafraid of what could happen next. And he wasn’t afraid. Not anymore. It would be rather hypocritical to be afraid of death when he metaphorically carried the scythe himself.

"Now, this can be amenable or it can be brutal. I’ll go with you on the condition that you, nor anyone else, will attempt to remove any weapon or tech I have. Also, I will not be cuffed." He inclined his head in an almost playful manner. "If you’re really nice, then perhaps you’ll find out why I’m here and what my plan is." Already his fingers are at work typing in an escape route in the manipulator. He’d do as he said but if there was any sign of his conditions going south, he’d disappear before they could touch him.

(Source: ianto-jones-diary)