Taking it easy, I see?” said Jack, stepping out through the security door that led into the Hub itself. “Well at least someone has the right idea. Whatcha doing there, Sport?”

"Sport?" said Ianto. "Not sure I like ‘Sport’ as a term of endearment. ‘Sexy is good, if unimaginative. ‘Pumpkin’ is a bit much, but ‘Sport’? No. You’ll have to think of another one.

"Okay, Tiger Pants. Whatcha doing?"

Ianto laughed.

-Trace Memory Torchwood Novel.

Because one time, naked hide-and-go-seek lead to an interesting revelation of what lies under those finely tailored suits.

Tiger Pants.

Brand New Day // Ianto Jones & Captain John Hart


John stretched like a lazy cat out in the sun when he laid poolside at some cabana in Mexico. He couldn’t have picked a better location to set up base to keep an eye on rift activity.

Gorgeous creatures in barely any clothing

           All you can drink fruity drink happy hours

                        The fact he could wear barely any clothing himself~

                                       Or none

It was paradise. He could use that as an excuse for being there for four long years. “Why else would I stay here for so long?” He mumbled boneless into his towel. He didn’t finish that as a shadow crossed over him. A Mexican God with a bod was standing over him with a tray of fruity drinks.

"Perfect timing love." He cooed teasingly as he reached up and plucked a glass from the tray and downed it all in one go. Tequila really was one of humanities best drinks in the galaxy.

He reached for a second one when the light of his manipulator started flashing red. “Well now. Helloooo.” This was strange. The red light hardly ever went off and he had blue set for rift activity. He dismissed his waiter with a pointed look before flipping open the leather cover. A strange life force had shown up on his radar. “Should I stay or should I go?” Happy hour didn’t start for another two hours. He could be there and back before then if he hurried. “It’s almost too much effort.”

                                     Stupid hero complex.

It takes him half an hour to change and strap on all of his weaponry. After all that effort he deserved a drink and stopped at the bar for a few shots. Another quarter hour later and he finally ended up where the alert came from. John frowned when he looked up at the castle than at his wrist. This was the famed Torchwood estate. It couldn’t be coincidence. He pinpointed the location of the life force then closed the cover to his manipulator and pushed open the front door to step inside. 

John didn’t bother to look around for anything out of place. He already knew where to go so why wast time? The observatory would be the perfect place to set up some sort of alien mind control device or some other alien tech thing to enslave humanity or destroy. And sadly John had taken on that stupid hero complex ever since Jack disappeared from Earth and Torchwood fell to hell.

It could’ve been because of his guilt for the whole Grey thing (damn it. When did he ever start feeling guilty about things?) or it could’ve been the whole incident with teaming up with Rhys Williams and Eye-Candy to save the world from sexy-evil Eye-Candy that had him changing his tune. (only a little. His reputation had to stay in tact after all.)

"It would have been quicker to just ride the rift in guns blazing," He complained to the air when he reached the bottom of the stairs leading to his target. His hand went to his gun when the door started to open.

"Blueprints?" Ianto tilted his head back against the dark hardwood floor to glance at K-9, who was perched near his head as he lay under part of the Estate’s telescope. Seconds later a blue hologram appeared from the panel of K-9’s back which showed the telescope’s layout and dark brows furrowed as the new director studied it intently.

"No missing parts detected." The tin dog offered as the azure gaze shifted from blueprint to operations panel and back.

"Seems you’re right. So why won’t it work?" Twisting to his side, Ianto reached for a pen light and slipped back under to examine the wires closely. "Everything’s plugged in. No rats have been chewing on it-"

"Master-sir. The Rift has been activated on the grounds. There is an intruder." Those interrupting words cause the Welshman to start in surprise which in turn causes him to strike his head on the telescope itself. A sharp curse escapes as the ringing echos through the room.

"Who is it?" Ianto slid out from under the large machine, briefly touched his hand to the sore spot before checking for a smear of crimson that luckily wasn’t present.

"The data is not complete. Scanners show the intruder approaching our current location in the Observatory." Azure eyes widened with disbelief at that tidbit of information. Whoever was approaching knew exactly where to look meaning they were after him or K-9.

Swallowing the lump of fear suddenly lodged in his throat, he glanced around briefly for anything that could be used as a weapon. He had  the feeling a wrench wouldn’t do much.

"I don’t suppose you can turn into a gun or something?"

"Negative, Master-Sir. Instead I am programmed with defensive or offensive capabilities. I will protect you if the situation calls for it."

"Good to know." Turning his attention to the door, Ianto considered his options. Wait for the intruder to burst in or get the element of surprise on his side… which would probably end in his death when said intruder shot him. Carding a hand nervously through his hair, he debates a moment longer before crossing over to the door and flinging it open.

There, in front of him is-

"….Oh God." One Captain John Hart. The ex-lover of Jack’s stood at the base of the stairs, eyes locked on him. Out of anyone or anything it could be, it had to be John. Not the captain he was looking for and definitely not the one he wanted to see. Trembling fingers reach out to the banister for support as the Welshman struggles to regain his composure. Why was John here? What did he want? The last time they had met had ended with the deaths of Tosh and Owen. As well as the torture of Jack. Was John here to continue with that deadly game?

"State your business." K-9’s rational tone robotic tone brings him back to the situation a bit and he takes a breath to steady himself before waving a hand in the direction of the tin dog.

"What he said." To his relief, his voice doesn’t waver and he forces his shoulders back and straightens up. "Or, more preferably, leave."

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"…you got some weird thing for poodles, mate? ‘cause I gotta tell you, I’m not usually one t’ judge these kindsa things but that’s just wrong."

"No. Actually I don’t. You just seemed… familiar and that was a test of sorts. However I suppose it’s not important now, seeing as I was wrong?"

With a slight inclination of his head in greetings, he gave a polite smile. “I’m Ianto Jones. How can I be of service?”

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God he ages well! He’s like a fine wine!

Artist: HIM

Song: Wicked Game
Plays: 2,695


HIM - Wicked Game

In My Name \ Looksgoodinsuits


“Jack. I think you need to see this!” Tosh yelled from her desk, Ianto glancing over to the captain from over his file work. “Something must be happening.” He offered, following in suit as the captain headed down to Tosh’s desk. “Well he didn’t seem to do anything in the castle from what I can see but look here” She zoomed in on the Jones Clone in front of the music store. “This woman. Jack he already killed once, she might be in danger.” Tosh offered, worry written in her brows.

Jack watched the exchange on the screen. “Right. Tosh you stay here with Ianto. Gwen, Owen, with me. Now.” Jack’s voice boomed about the hub as he headed off to collect his coat, Ianto already one step ahead of him. “We are to detain him and bring him here. Stunguns preferred.” He ordered the pair before stealing a kiss from Ianto before heading out. “Be careful!” Ianto called after him, not liking that this other him seemed unsettling.

He didn’t like the way the other had Jack’s coat. Something was wrong. Even Ianto wouldn’t be able to convince Jack to give up his coat to him and let him go galavanting with his vortex manipulator through space. Ianto couldn’t place it but something told him this was far more dangerous than he feared. “He’ll be okay. hes Jack” Tosh offered, noting the worry in Ianto’s eyes. “Yeah” Was all he responded before heading back to work on Jack’s paperwork.

It had only taken one drink and a few whispers of a false seduction for his target, “Melissa.” she had told him, to take his hand and lead him out of the crowed bar to the dark and dank alleyway behind it. Hidden behind a blanket of steam from a nearby grate, she leans back against the wall and reaches out to grab his coat lapels, drawing him in as she giggles playfully.

This is why she had singled him, out of course. Hopes of a quick and filthy tryst to get off before heading home after a night of bar hopping. An amused grin graces his lips as he braces his hands on the cold metal of the docking bay doors behind her and leans in to brush his lips against the pale column of her throat. Pity she’d be disappointed for the few moments before her death.

She doesn’t even pay attention to his reactions and instead straddles herself on his leg, grinding up against him as moans of want and pleasure spill from cherry red lips. Words that have no effect on him whatsoever and he doesn’t even try to fake it for her sake.

Her hand finally drifts to his belt and his own comes into play to snatch it away. Gripping her wrist, he pins it above her head and lift his head to smile brightly at her. “Apologies but that isn’t the direction we’re going tonight.” He murmurs in a purr that actually causes her to tremble in his arms. The darkening of her eyes only betrays her arousal as she gives a slight nod.

"A-anything you want." The breathless permission brings forth a chuckle from Ianto that just causes her body to arch against him in desperate need.

"Ah ah." he chides softly as he leans in to nip at the shell of her ear and her free hand darts up to tangle in his hair. She’s so distracted she doesn’t notice his own hand slip into his pocket to remove the blade that had ruined his relationship with Jack. 

It could have been the fact he was killing but that was just a technicality.

She starts at the sharp sound of the switchblade being opened, confusion knitting her brow as she looked down towards the sound but in a swift motion he has the blade buried under her fourth rib. A twist upwards and he knows he’s found her heart.

The passion in her gaze changes to one of horror and pain but before she can gather the air to scream, he has her jaw in hand and forces her head back. “Quiet.” He instructs as he pins her to the door. As his grip on her jaw tighten, he stares intently into those dimming amber eyes.

This is what he needed; this was what he craved. Control and power. He had been helpless too many times before and too weak. But not now. And, as always, the whispers of encouragement from Adam echo in his mind. Adam understood him, really. Knew what he needed and just brought it to the surface. Finally, she stops struggling as the life disappears from her eyes and he steps back, letting her drop to the pavement. He doesn’t bother removing the knife this time. He never wants to see it again after the trouble it caused.

Before he can make his disappearance, he hears a screech of tires he’s heard so many times before and he can’t bite back the smile as he glances over his shoulder to the mouth of the alley. Torchwood had decided to make an appearance. Finally.

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